Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hotter Than HotHotter Than Hot by Milly Silver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Only thing I can say about Milly Silver and her "Hotter Than Hot" book is .... LOVED IT. I was totally impressed how her imagination brought romance and comedy together. I loved every bit of this book. You will find hidden dark humor in the book like for example the tattoo that everyone wears on their foreheads and Maggie's is "69." I found my self laughing and then shouting at Maggie to "Go For It!" Then there were times where I wanted to slap Hunter around because lets just face it men need that lol.

Hotter Than Hot is plain HAWT! You see there is an attraction between Maggie and Hunter but they never act on any of it even though they find themselves drawn to each other. Never mind the jealous computer that runs his ship or her high maintenance best friend Stacey. Although they are funny to read about too. Let's not forget about Elvis too now.

Grab your copy. I swear you will not be disappointed. There is nonstop action, comedy, and whatever else Milly Silver can conjure up. The page will somehow keep turning on it's own as you become entranced.

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