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Faith & Trust by Amanda Kay


Several years ago Bree did something the forever altered her world…

Games now run her life. Games where the ending could be heartbreak.

Eventually the past catches up with her, when a little faith and trust go a long way.


Colt Withers' life changed October 31st, 2012. That Halloween night, he needed to forget his twin sister Rachel. Unexpectedly, he stumbles upon a wicked voodoo queen. Now, after a not-so-lucky encounter, Colt must find his true love, gain her love, and learn to love himself, all before the New Year is rung in. Or forever remain a werewolf.
Harper Grace has been quiet and reserved ever since her mother died when she was twelve. She has tried to be in control of everything. Her dad tries his best and Harper loves him for it, but without her mom, she is lost--until she meets the mysterious Colt Withers. Colt is like no one else she has ever met, but she knows he has secrets-- things that she doesn't do well with, since she can't control the outcome. And she hates not being in control. When he reveals his secrets, can she handle it and stand by the only person to make her feel alive since the passing of her mother, or will she run and revert back into her self-controlled shell?

When you watch your best friend find her soul mate, it's hard not to want that for yourself. That was how Rebecca Patton felt watching her friend Harper fall in love with Colt. But an ordinary girl's night out with Harper changes everything when Becca meets Ozzie. She feels a connection to him, but then he disappears for five months, and Becca begins to question whether or not it is possible for her to have the fairy tale. When he comes back, Becca will have to determine if she can have faith and trust as she takes a chance on this very handsome—and very mysterious—man.
Ozzie is a wizard. And a pretty important one, at that. As son of the Headmaster of West Witch Academy, a "special" hidden school in a shady part of New Orleans, he certainly has his future planned out for him. But it's not particularly one that he wants—especially now that he's met Rebecca. But his dad's all-too-young "woman" is into some sick and twisted games, and if he wants to escape his so-called destiny and have a chance at forever with Rebecca, he is going to have to play them.

Forest McAdams just moved into New Orleans and knows no one until she meets her neighbor Rebecca Patton and her fiancé Ozzie. They seem nice and soon she is hanging out with Becca's friends. That was how she met Peter, sort of. Ozzie's best friend. His crystal blue eyes seer through her and before she can blink she's in Peter's arms and their fighting to save his life.
Peter is a fairy, yep that's right wings, flying and a bit of magic dust. No one knows his true identity, not even Ozzie who he has known his whole life. He wasn't always a fairy. The change happened two years ago when his father suddenly disappeared, the only reason he was given, his mother. When he reconnects with Forest they get thrown into a world where make believe becomes reality, and second chances are possible. Peter just wants peace, nirvana, Neverland.
One more game, faith and trust.
Ask yourself do you believe in fairies?
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Just when things are starting to make sense, things take a turn for the worse again. Although Sloane and Declan have found each other and their happiness, it gets interrupted as Viktor plans his revenge. Vowing to never use her seductive powers of darkness again, Sloane’s mother works with her to tackle her true self, help her find her inner light. Meanwhile, Declan is doing his best to find anything locked away in ancient scrolls about an Angel’s transition so he and Sloane can be together. Events take an unfortunate turn while one sacrifices themselves to save the other. Can one live without the other?

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Bayou Brew Publishing Presents Monique O'Connor James

Monique is the mother of two beautiful children and lives in a small community outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. On her eighth birthday, her mother bought her a journal and said "write whatever you want, just write." And so, a love affair with words was born.
    Her collection of novels and short stories is ever growing as writing is her first true love. Her desire to help other authors gain exposure and hone their craft grew as she navigated the publishing world alone. It is her hope that Bayou Brew Publishing will become a safe place for other writers to share their talents with the world. She believes that any dream is possible if you have the support of a great team.
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Below are two of her most recent books. There is so many more to choose from. You can look for yourself on Amazon HERE or visit Bayou Brew Publishing for a complete list. 
What if your soul had journeyed through many life times? What if your dreams were memories?
What if your knight in shining armor had always been near, pretending to be someone else?
Your biggest enemy is your best friend. Your parent's murderer is someone near and dear to you. Your life is not what it seemed.
When all is said and done and you found out who you really were, would you unleash Pandora's Box on the world, or find the courage to save humanity.
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If you've been cursed by a god, how many lifetimes will the punishment last? When can you finally take a breath and find everything you ever wanted? Will your hopes and dreams be stolen again and again until your soul finally rests forever?
What risks would you take to make the suffering end? Do you accept your fate and move on, or find a reason to put yourself aside and sacrifice everything to save another?
Is Anne Marie strong enough to face what the future holds?
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Hotter Than Hot by Milly Silver

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Hotter Than Hot by Milly Silver

Maggie Lee is Space Cadet 69. She begged for a different number. But no can do. She's stuck with a 69 on her forehead, until she's vaporized. That pretty much sums up Maggie's life.
Stuck in a boring job counting tins of meatballs.
Stuck on the dullest space station in the universe, Lanzarote.
And stuck with no hope of achieving her dream of flying scout ships.
Enter hot guy Hunter in his blinged-up spaceship. Things start to get unstuck for Maggie real fast.

Maggie needs to outwit evil Lord Zagon who wants to kill her for her cherished precognition helmet, find a rare space rock to save her family from suspended animation and flee from giddy space pirates wanting to pimp out her friends to the nearest aliens. Hunter being a sexy space god isn't exactly helping Maggie's concentration levels either.
Can Maggie pull it off? If she doesn't, her family will be frozen forever and Lord Zagon will rule the universe. Then she'll definitely never get to fly scout ships.
*HOTTER THAN HOT is a NA romantic comedy. It's a light, fast read that will keep you laughing all the way through. The perfect beach read!

  ~Author Bio~

Milly Silver is the British author of the Young Adult series INTO THE DARK SERIES (#1-4), and NA romantic comedy, HOTTER THAN HOT. Milly Silver lives with her family in Cheshire, in the UK. Silver is currently writing her next series, and eating her own body weight in passion fruit sorbet.

~Author Links~
Twitter: @MsHappyUK

Also by Milly Silver - Into the Dark parts 1-4 Available from Amazon 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hotter Than HotHotter Than Hot by Milly Silver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Only thing I can say about Milly Silver and her "Hotter Than Hot" book is .... LOVED IT. I was totally impressed how her imagination brought romance and comedy together. I loved every bit of this book. You will find hidden dark humor in the book like for example the tattoo that everyone wears on their foreheads and Maggie's is "69." I found my self laughing and then shouting at Maggie to "Go For It!" Then there were times where I wanted to slap Hunter around because lets just face it men need that lol.

Hotter Than Hot is plain HAWT! You see there is an attraction between Maggie and Hunter but they never act on any of it even though they find themselves drawn to each other. Never mind the jealous computer that runs his ship or her high maintenance best friend Stacey. Although they are funny to read about too. Let's not forget about Elvis too now.

Grab your copy. I swear you will not be disappointed. There is nonstop action, comedy, and whatever else Milly Silver can conjure up. The page will somehow keep turning on it's own as you become entranced.

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The VeilThe Veil by Monique O'Connor James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Never a dull moment!! I couldn't put it down. I loved the characters and the story was just awesome. Linking two worlds together was awesome. I loved the mystery around it all and then the way the author brought it all to light was amazing. This is an absolute must read. No spoilers here, go get your copy :)

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Week Of Celebrating

Ok peeps, as you know my novella, Declan's Wicked Temptation, is set to release come September 7, 2013. During that week instead of having a release party I feel like celebrating all authors and other great people in publishing world. I am pimping out everyone. I'd like to have two or more a day to blast about. I will announce the pages the day of. The authors/creators/designers/editor/publishers can give out prizes of their own for all the new people I will be sending their way and I will be giving away prizes as well. You never know, you might get lucky and win twice. The idea is to introduce everyone to the reading world. I want everyone to see what it is we do to get our story to the reader and make it fun in the process. I hope this takes off and if anyone has any suggestions, please email me at Please have a wonderful and safe weekend.