Saturday, September 3, 2011

#Bloodlines by @RichelleMead

Let's see where do I start?  Bloodline first off is a spin off series from Vampire Academy written by Richelle Mead.  If you haven't read Vampire Academy yet then don't start here.  Bloodlines is filled with mystery, magic, and conspiracy theories.  Like I said if you haven't read it or the VA series then you are in for some spoilers.  So Beware!  Don't read any further than this paragraph.  Just know you will love it!

The book is told from Sydneys' point of view.  Sydney is an alchemist that is assigned to the well being of Jill who is Lissa's sister.  The law states that in order to be King/Queen you have to have at least one surviving relative.  So while Lissa is trying to change the law for hers and Jill's safety, they decide to send Jill away to a private school in Palm Springs, CA.  Eddie comes back to be the dhamphire who protects Jill.  Adrian is back.  When we say back we mean back to his old ways of smoking and drinking.  That should give you a clue that he's not over Rose, who also make a cameo. 

The objective is to blend in which comes rather to hard for all of them which becomes a problem of course.  Sydney's job is to make sure that Jill ad Eddie don't break any rules and does her damage control for anything that pops up.  But of course that's not all Sydney does.  She becomes a PA to Adrian, uncovers a plot of alchemist trechury, and takes on strigoi with magic.  It's all in a days work for Sydney.  As for Eddie life is great.  He gets along with the hmans in their class and is an exeptional athlete.  For Jill everything is different.  Although no one actually knows that Jill is a vampire, she gets teased and called "Vampire Girl" by some girl in the school.  Jill hates it and misses home but new characters change all that for her.

In the end there are new friendships made and certain feelings are discovered. Bloodlines will keep you laughing, make you want to cry and make you want to grab one of them and say "WHY CAN'T YOU SEE IT?"  Read it you won't be disappointed.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Last Word: Top Five Methods To Determine If You Are A Zombie

The Last Word: Top Five Methods To Determine If You Are A Zombie: "Guest post by the always entertaining Lilith Saintcrow . The zombie apocalypse has struck, but you're prepared. You've done your cardio, y..."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Defiance by Lili St. Crow

Well it seems that Dru just can't through the day without two guys on her mind.  With Graves gone and Christophe training her daily she can't seem to get things in order.  While training Dru to be an outstanding svetocha with the famous Malaika, Christophe just demands a little of her  This confuses her of course but one thing was for certain, she is still hell bound in finding Graves with or without help.  With multiple attacks on her life that she actually knew about, Dru grows skeptical in who she can trust.  With Anna and Sergej clearly in league with each other they are determined to make her suffer where it counts most .... her heart.  Dru knows that time is precious and finds out that not only the council has learned where Anna and Sergej are hiding but her Christophe as well.  At this point is there any one she can trust?  There is one person or lugaru but Sergej stand in her way.  Dru figures that it's a chance she is willing to take.  In the mist of the commotion Ash decides to become the unbroken now.  You would think being a rare commodity that people would listen but even a svetocha couldn't get the council's attention.  So Dru comes to the determination that it will be a show down.  Weighing the consequences, Dru understands that the only thing that stands in the way of her getting Graves, her goth lugaru, is Sergej, but she figures it's worth the risk. 

Not giving anything away this book is filled danger, action, and is full of passion.  I was really impressed and wish that it could be longer.  I honestly can't figure out who would be best for Dru.  Honestly she has great taste in men obviously because they are both great and the best of both  I mean who wouldn't want a lugaru and a dhampir fighting over them.  I loved the book and can't wait till Dru's next adventure with Graves but something tells me that Christophe isn't too far behind either.  :) 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Epic Moment

Wow!  Here I am.  I officially have a Blog page.  Excuse me while I just relish here a bit..............ok I'm back.  Well for those of you who will eventually start to follow me I just want to thank you.  I've never done this so I can't tell you how often I will be blogging an update.  Other then talking about the up coming books that I have already pre-ordered or books that I have already read I might mix it up with a little family life.  You see although you are probably thinking that that's what facebook is for but in all honestly facebook is nothing but another myspace that will soon fade out as well.  I have a daughter that is about to turn 13 years old and sometimes she tends to think she knows more than her mother as well as we all did at one point.  My 9 year old son just likes to go with the flow.  At this point I thought they were already out of the terrible two's.

So here are some of the up coming post you can be expected to see.  I am in the middle of reading Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr, & Halo by Alexandra Adornetto.  I've finished Defiance by Lili St. Crow and City Of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare.  So you can expect two at least maybe even four before the end of next week. 

I can't wait to get my hands on Passion by Lauren Kate.  That comes out early June.  So in between books hopefully I can fill my time talking about family, movies, TV shows, and whatever else comes to mind.  Again thank you for following and I hope you like the site.