Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Defiance by Lili St. Crow

Well it seems that Dru just can't through the day without two guys on her mind.  With Graves gone and Christophe training her daily she can't seem to get things in order.  While training Dru to be an outstanding svetocha with the famous Malaika, Christophe just demands a little of her  This confuses her of course but one thing was for certain, she is still hell bound in finding Graves with or without help.  With multiple attacks on her life that she actually knew about, Dru grows skeptical in who she can trust.  With Anna and Sergej clearly in league with each other they are determined to make her suffer where it counts most .... her heart.  Dru knows that time is precious and finds out that not only the council has learned where Anna and Sergej are hiding but her Christophe as well.  At this point is there any one she can trust?  There is one person or lugaru but Sergej stand in her way.  Dru figures that it's a chance she is willing to take.  In the mist of the commotion Ash decides to become the unbroken now.  You would think being a rare commodity that people would listen but even a svetocha couldn't get the council's attention.  So Dru comes to the determination that it will be a show down.  Weighing the consequences, Dru understands that the only thing that stands in the way of her getting Graves, her goth lugaru, is Sergej, but she figures it's worth the risk. 

Not giving anything away this book is filled danger, action, and is full of passion.  I was really impressed and wish that it could be longer.  I honestly can't figure out who would be best for Dru.  Honestly she has great taste in men obviously because they are both great and the best of both  I mean who wouldn't want a lugaru and a dhampir fighting over them.  I loved the book and can't wait till Dru's next adventure with Graves but something tells me that Christophe isn't too far behind either.  :) 

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